Ellen Cokinos Consulting for Nonprofits

To Serve, Strengthen and Sustain

Counselor, Motivator and Advocate of What’s Best for Nonprofits.

Every nonprofit organization is unique.

And, if the nonprofit is operating under your auspices, then it’s particularly unique. No question.

Still, we can predict a few things.

First, the needs of this world compel your nonprofit to respond with both heart and mind, and in ways shape a future that’s better, healthier and more promising than the past. That’s the kind of world you aspire to live in, and that’s the kind of organization you run.

Second, your nonprofit’s mission calls you to act with exceptional vision and vitality. It gives you a great reason to get up every morning and to rest well at night. To learn and to lead. Not only to take action, but to take risks to advance your cause. And to muster the finest forces to do battle alongside you.

Third, your organization has less than everything it needs, to do everything you want it to do.

That’s where we come in. We’re your secret weapon in the contest for what you need.

Results in the FieldGo


Teaming with school leaders and parent volunteers, Ellen Cokinos Consulting helped orchestrate the most successful campaign in River Oaks Baptist School’s history, raising nearly $21 million.

Monarch Institute

As the result of a longstanding alliance between Ellen Cokinos Consulting and Monarch Institute, $17 million in funds were raised and a new campus was born.