Ellen Cokinos Consulting for Nonprofits

To Serve, Strengthen and Sustain

Putting the Power of Philanthropy to Work in the World

Ellen Cokinos offers a diverse array of capabilities that are continually expanding in daily services to nonprofit organizations.

Our clients have included agencies and other entities in these categories and more —

In responding to the needs of these organizations, ECC has provided counseling, research, planning and countless hours of hands-on labor to help realize visions of communities that are healthier, safer, more equitable, more sustainable and richer in opportunities for all. Likewise, our clients afford their constituents the means for efficiently and effectively putting the power of philanthropy to work in the world.

We will take great pleasure in serving you.

“Ellen brings an enormous amount of energy, creativity, and integrity among other fine qualities to the table. She is well connected, well received by many foundations and well respected by her peers. The end results are always positively overwhelming!”

Don M. Woo
Mission Constructors, Inc.