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Wesley Community Center

Located on Houston’s near-north side, inside Loop 610, Wesley Community Center serves our community through a variety of initiatives, including an early education program, youth and senior services, food programs and more. Wesley Community Center has remained a long-time client of Ellen Cokinos Consulting, which assists the organization with board building, fundraising efforts and a variety of as-needed consultative services.

Ellen Cokinos Consulting serves Wesley Community Center largely as a “go-to” resource for the organization’s leadership and executive management groups. This work has included planning, research and orchestration of a leadership retreat focused on pre-identified areas for board development. Through such forums, Wesley Community Center and Ellen Cokinos Consulting have teamed to address key strategic issues related to the organization’s current and future development, in light of specific obstacles and opportunities.

Thanks to a well-attended and energized executive retreat, Wesley Community Center leaders and Ellen Cokinos Consulting:

  • Identified strengths and challenges of the organization and how to establish best practices in key areas
  • Assisted board subcommittees with goal-setting per best-practices area, while achieving consensus among all groups
  • Identified diverse fund-development methods for generating revenue
  • Worked to establish appropriate communication methods between board members and subcommittees
  • Initiated executive coaching for staff and board

Thanks to this success and many others, Ellen Cokinos Consulting and Wesley Community Center continue to confidently forge ahead in guiding one of Houston’s most vital community-driven nonprofit organizations.

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“I like to call Ellen Cokinos a 'fundraising phenom', but she has meant so much more to Wesley and to me – as a trusted advisor, empathetic executive coach, practical board trainer, and insightful strategic planner.”

Diana Garbis,
Executive Director, Wesley Community Center, Houston, Texas.